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The Evolving Economy

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Genetics: An exciting and investable theme

Depending on how long ago you last attended a biology lesson, messenger RNA (‘mRNA’) was probably not a term many of us would have been particularly familiar with a couple of years ago.

The Evolving Economy

Four areas innovating in green technology

In Central London, street lampposts are doubling up as charging points for the growing number of electric vehicles.

The Evolving Economy

The expanding middle class: why global affluence is a developing trend

Despite Covid-19 sending 100 million back into poverty, society is getting wealthier over the long term

The Evolving Economy

Clean winner: the global transition to carbon neutrality represents a huge opportunity for growth

As governments around the world ramp up investment in green energy, the demand for clean technologies is set to increase

The Evolving Economy

What investors need to know about the longevity economy

As life expectancies rise across the globe, the way people live is rapidly changing. In fact, retiring and elderly generations are forecast to represent 55% of consumption growth in developed markets ...

The Evolving Economy
7 minute read

How the internet and social media have changed the way our minds work

The internet was adopted faster than any major technology in human history.

The Evolving Economy

Five themes shaping the pace of change

Five trends to help make sense of where the world is heading

The Evolving Economy

How we’re living smarter: The rise of home automation

The ecosystem that is rapidly enabling an automated lifestyle

The Evolving Economy

How has e-commerce shaped the logistics real estate space?

The e-commerce boom has left many retailers needing to rethink the structure of their supply chains to meet consumers’ expectations